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MDA ART is the new art venture for Mandy d’Abo. Having recently moved back to England, she continues to pursue her passion for the arts, supporting young talent, as well as consulting on residential and commercial art projects, private collections and curating exhibitions in interesting spaces.


The vision for MDA ART is to discover, curate, support and champion the work and talent of exceptional young emerging artists.


It is vital to support and to nurture the next generation of rising young artists during such precarious times and to invest in the invaluable contribution they make to our shared cultural life and our society.

MDA Art - Exhibition
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Mandy d’Abo is a Zimbabwean native. Her parents moved to London in 1977, when things were getting too hot during the civil war. And Mandy began her English education, far from her adored trampoline.


After many years of travels and adventures and living and working in London, New York and Sydney, she set foot on the shores of Hong Kong, and it was love at first sight.


In 2006, having always been passionate about art and an avid collector, Mandy decided to make her dream come true and opened her first gallery, the Cat Street Gallery on Hollywood Road which expanded the variety in the local art scene. She saw huge potential in the burgeoning Hong Kong art market.


Her vision was to have the opportunity to exhibit the best of international and contemporary modern art in her gallery in Hong Kong, and to have a platform to champion talent and to discover artists from all over the world. Her passion was also to foster local Hong Kong talent and showcase and support Hong Kong’s newest and most interesting emerging young artists.


In 2010, she opened The Space, an old meat- packing warehouse, along side the Cat Street Gallery, where she curated the Cat Street Gallery blockbuster larger scale exhibitions. During the 12 years that Mandy was at the helm of the gallery, over 200 exhibitions were staged, with exhibited artists including Sir Peter Blake, Rob + Nick Carter, Gavin Turk, Chris Levine , The Connor Brothers, David Mach, Polly Morgan amongst others .

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