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Chow Ciao Chow is an artist that fell in love with painting this thing called “the human being.” From hair, to eyes, to arms and legs; he loves painting everything except for innards. Chow began his career with an extensive history in fashion design where he worked many years after first earning his degree in fashion and textiles. After leaving the industry, in 2014, Chow co-founded an experimental space called “MUM’s NOT HOME.” So also began his full-time career as an artist. 


For the next two years, Chow experimented painting faces using different colours for different personalities. The results can be compared to colorful make-up or infrared thermal images. Using bold strokes of watercolor, Chow’s skilled and steady hand beautifully blends his vibrant colors and captures a likeness impeccably. In 2018, Chow held his first solo exhibition “Collect Human Faces,” which featured 100 early portraits of that period. Since, Chow focuses primarily on his work as a portrait artist with his “C.C.C. Commission Portrait” project. Chow’s work has been collected by many for its cheerful and colorful appearance and joy it brings to the viewer. 

Ever creative, in 2019, Chow began a new collection called “No More Sorrow” that he bases on personal emotions. Using the representation of tears and crying as means to release one’s emotions, these works celebrate the positive energies and fresh feelings that result from a cathartic cry. 

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