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Born in Hong Kong and currently living in London. Jan Chan’s creative endeavours and expression started out with a background as a make up artist.


His lifelong interest in the aesthetic value of things and his interest in art brought him to London to further explore his creative practice doing his MA in Fine Art at Central St Martins.

Jan’s practice is to examine the relationship between humans and technology, questioning the freedom that we have in the current society under the influence of technology.  He plays with a wide range of media, from photography, drawing to sculpture.  Jan’s signature colourful elements can be found in his works.


Jan pursues the truth of the ideal world in the digital rainforest. In Plato’s allegory of the cave, the prisoners only face the walls and shadows so that they lose the ability to discern the truth. Jan’s works contemplate how humans might respond and to play games with the surveillance system we are all subject to and monitored in today’s society and what the future holds.


Recent exhibitions include Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop “The Invitational I”, (2020), Loop, Helmut, Leipzig (2019), Boundaries & Beyond, Espacio Gallery, London (2019), Artsdepot Open 2018, North Finchley, London (2018), OVERPRINT: ag!tate act!vate, La Cambre & The printmaking Union, Belgium (2018) and Studio Complex Tate: Modern Workshop, London (2018).

A commentary from Jan Chan on his works -

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