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Robin Hunter Blake, is a Scottish born, Spanish raised emerging photographer, currently living in London. tGrowing up in a small town in Spain Robin found his passion for photography and began documenting the plethora of youth cultures that mix within the town and later Barcelona.

The process Robin undergoes to create these images was developed at the London College of Communication, a University of the Arts London campus where Robin is soon to be graduating from. The use of black and white film in Robin’s work is a testament to his inspiration drawn from photographers of the past and the removal of the distraction colour photography can occasionally pose. Robin’s work has recently been accepted to be a part of the London Art Biennale in the Old Chelsea Town Hall, the piece accepted was a print named Desert Rose.

He shoots with a unique aesthetic. For the last 4 years Robin’s work has organically refined itself from chaotic images of nights out to later focusing on decisive moments through street photography and eventually reaching a complete evolution of practice where the imagery is both a document of irreplaceable moments with unique people, whilst projecting the artist’s search for identity.

Artist Statement:

“Over the last 2 years I have been documenting some of my closest friends and the adventures we have been on. Originally this project was aimed at the traditional sartorial style we have collectively adopted, to being about the fraternal bond we have created through travelling and living together. However, the project continuously evolved organically every time I reviewed the work, eventually serving as a body of work”  

Shot on: 35mm film, 120mm film and a digital camera.

Robin Hunter Blake - MDA Art 3.jpg
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