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Jude’s work varies in style from project to project. His work has largely been collaborative over the last two years, working on a short film and streetwear sample collection with his creative arts collective 'Lost Bond', which he started along with two friends. Their aim to positively change the perceived stigma of poor mental health amongst young people, through conversation and artistic expression. 


His personal work most commonly is an exploration into the human psyche. Looking at emotions such as anxiety within the context of social environments, often depicting isolated, distorted figures representative of a distorted mind. 


This year Jude has been working predominantly digitally, creating images through digital collage, photography and found imagery. Experimenting with screen printing, digital printing and lino printing, this year Jude has developed as a print maker. His series ‘Mood of a Time’ which is included in the exhibition explores the relationship between the pandemic, the live music industry and the design/architecture of the spaces the music is listened to in. 


His other work which will be included in the exhibition has been made this year with the intention to create exciting, colourful, fun work with the idea ‘Art for art’s sake’ in consideration. The work has been assembled with various techniques using different points of interest as starting point to make abstract works in the form of Giclée prints.
Jude Wakely - Lost Bond MDA Art.jpg
Jude Wakely 1 - MDA Art.jpg

(Covid series:)


This series is a visual exploration into the pandemic with the intention of creating a vibrant series of prints, a juxtaposition to the feelings surrounding the pandemic. I began this process with a photograph of a face mask, the same image I used for an aspect of ‘Mood of a Time’. With this I simultaneously explored making blends in Illustrator as well as digitally distorting the image. The final image is a combination of these two features, layered together. Which reveals a geometric void with blackness at its core. Something that the pandemic shares connotations with.

Helium Petals, Origami Katana and Copper Foil Illusion are a series of works I made considering the term “Art for art’s sake”. With this I wanted to make some work that existed solely for its aesthetic nature. These three prints have been made using a technique of digital image construction using photographs of paper to resemble something far more intricate.

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